" Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke

Featured Projects

Implementing the Google Page Rank Algorithm

Discussion of the Mathematics and the C/MATLAB Implementation of the iconic Google PageRank algorithm, named after founder Larry Page!

Analyzing a Voss PET Bottle

Analysis of the Voss water bottle, in terms of speculations of the potential manufacturing process involved along with an explanation of the several distinguishing physical features of the product.

Proxxon Saw - Vacuum Cleaner Base Design

Design of a base plate and vacuum connector for a Proxxon Cut-off Saw KGS80 for connection and compatibility with a typical household vacuum cleaner for efficient and easy cleaning while the electric saw is in use.

Simulating BLDC and PMDC Motors

Matlab based simulations for a PMDC (compared to simple series connected DC motors) and a BLDC motor with an external torque load condition. Observation and plots for the important dynamic parameters defining the response of the respective motors.

Designing an Electromagnetic Actuator

Mechanical design procedure for a linear spring suspended electromagnetic actuator proposed for use in medical aid UAV systems, which are of high value based on the increasing need of sample transportation within African countries like Rwanda.

Just a Binary Counter

A simple NI Multisim based simulation of a 8-bit binary counter, using 2 cascaded 4-bit synchronous binary counters (7416N). The same implementation can be extended by cascading further such ICs to form a n-bit counter!

Featured Posts

Thoughts on Free Market and Capitalism

A discussion of the pitfalls and general implications of the assumptions regarding the two most economically important concepts which ironically get unnoticed through the general course of discussion in most cases.

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